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Yunnan Vintage Oud Oil

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In recent months, our quest has led us to the intricacies of Taiwanese distillations. For those who might not be familiar, these oils are a class apart, celebrated for their kinam-like profile. This distillation style, with its nuanced techniques and rich heritage, is a signature of Taiwan, a testament to the mastery of their renowned distillers.

Now, when we talk about Yunnan, the challenges amplify. This region, with its distinct characteristics and landscapes, is notoriously challenging for oud production. Taiwanese distilled oil from Yunnan? That's akin to finding a diamond in an already elusive mine. The rarity of such a concept had our hearts racing with excitement. The melding of Yunnan's unique oud characteristics with Taiwanese distillation techniques is nothing short of alchemical.

Typically, oils with such intricate scent profiles, especially those from Taiwanese distillations, fetch prices in the upper echelons, often soaring to several hundreds of dollars per gram. But Yunnan Vintage stands as an exception. It delivers an intoxicating blend: a robust bitter kinam-like medicinal foundation complemented beautifully by a honeyed sweetness. And all this opulence is available for just a tad over $400.

The Yunnan Vintage is not just another oil; it's an experience, a journey into the heart of oud craftsmanship. Given its unmatched quality and the unbeatable price point, it's a must-try for both aficionados and newcomers alike. We anticipate it to be a fast favorite, and with the buzz it's generating, it might not grace our shelves for long!

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