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Sinking Vintage Jayapura (15 years+)

Sinking Vintage Jayapura (15 years+)

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Over the past year we have sourced countless batches of sinking Jayapura wood for our clients. Not a single one has made it to our store, they were all sold privately to a select few individuals.

Such is the rarity and demand of our woods that the most of the highest grade batches are sold before ever making it online or onto instagram.

As such this is the first batch of Jayapura to be offered for retail on the site in over a year.

Presented here is a unique and ultra rare batch of vintage Jayapura oud that has been in the storage of a Taiwanese collector and vendor for over 15 years! 

Here is a unique opportunity to try sinking and vintage Jayapura wood, perfect for both the subitism and coal burning. It simply lasts forever when heating!

Notes: Spices, Incense, Dew, Mint, Oud