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Vintage Hindi Oud Wood

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Vintage Hindi Wood

There is no short supply of Hindi oud, but there is almost no vintage wood. Some take that at face value, but we see it as a challenge! For months we’ve been continuously on the search for the coveted jewel that is vintage Hindi. Requests go out and nothing quite comes back that hits the affordable mark that we seek to bring to our customers. Some day we will perhaps offer the finest $100 per gram vintage Hindi oud wood, but for now at this special time of year where understandably many are affected with rising costs, we’d like to offer some terrific wood with astounding value!

This is vintage Taiwanese sourced Hindi wood, estimated between 10-20 years old since harvest, packed with an aroma that can simply be described, as sweet creamy vanilla infused with the luxurious scent of Hindi oud. A unique experience, and one that should simply not be missed, given how rarely wood like this pops up!

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