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Vietnam Sinking Oud Bead Scrap

Vietnam Sinking Oud Bead Scrap

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Vietnamese oud is exceptionally rare. No question. Oils are and high quality wood even more so, let alone the coveted and revered sinking grade.

We have launched woods from all over the globe, the finest sinking bead scraps at extraordinary low prices, coveted by collectors and artisans alike. 

This is the only sinking Vietnam bead scrap we've ever come across to stock - such is the rarity of sinking wood today. It is an impeccable and exquisite batch of sinking grade bead scrap, from the finest oud wood.

The wood is simply filled with resin and aromatic even at room temperature - a rarity for woods - but the scent profile is simply magnificent. Ordinarily we'd give a full description of the scent profile, however, words would do this one no justice.

It is simply an enthralling and fascinating scent profile, that powerfully emits incense and oudy notes. A truly captivating and mesmerising profile in one of the rarest oud woods available today.

Extremely limited in quantity, be sure not to miss out.


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