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Sinking Vietnam & Kalimantan Mix

Sinking Vietnam & Kalimantan Mix

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Kalimantan and Vietnam are two stalwarts of the oud tradition, but sadly rarely seen, especially in sinking grade form. The thought of the two of them together at the same time is certainly uncommon, but we’re all about trying new things.

Presented here is a curated and uniquely rare batch of sinking Kalimantan and Vietnamese wood from a Chinese collection. Without doubt, these regions are amongst the most desired and famous oud producing regions, and to have them both together as sinking woods was simply unthinkable prior to obtaining this.

The scent profile is simply wonderful, a green and forest like aroma opens up aroma, following on are notes of fruits and spices, built upon a deep and rich resinous oud base. A transfixing aroma from two titans of oud tradition, yet at an affordable price for both connoisseurs and new comers. Providing in demand, rare and high end woods is our specialty and we’re pleased to do it at an affordable price giving maximal value to our fellow ouddicts!


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