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Vietnam Fusen Red Soil Incense Sticks - 5 grams

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These luxurious agarwood incense sticks are crafted with high-quality fusen red soil from Vietnam for an intense, aromatic scent. Expertly crafted in Taiwan, each stick is carefully designed to release a rich, oud scent for an indulgent smell.

Further to our successful Cambodi mission: Fusen red soil is something true connoisseurs of incense and oud will be aware of.

Fusen red soil is without doubt the most demanded type of oud in Taiwan, fetching 5-6 figures a kilo. What you have the opportunity to purchase here are artisanal Fusen red soil incense sticks combined with Vietnamese oud. The recipe is simple oud and binding powder and the result - phenomenal.

Each 5 gram tube contains approximately 12 sticks around 20cm in length.

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