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Tigerwood Terengganu - Oud Oil

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Tigerwood Terengganu

Malaysian oud is our favourite region to explore, after all many of our first oils and woods hailed from this small but famous region. As the years have passed by, it has been a while since something noteworthy and special has crossed our gaze. 

I first heard about Tigerwood Terengganu and thought to myself a special oil again? After all so many claim their oil is "unique and special", however, this wasn't anyone, this was from a legend of Gulf oud. He described it as the best Malay he has ever smelt, that caught my attention.

What could this oil be, an oil so profound that a legend such as our friend described it as the best. We simply had to splurge without sampling any of it, for it was too rare and too good of an opportunity to miss.

It certainly has lived up to the hype. This oil was indeed distilled from tigerwood bead scrap, a precious left over material from the carving of beads used as jewellery. Tigerwood beads in themselves are an item of luxury, with a bracelet's price in the realm of Swiss watches. These are items of breath taking beauty, fine craftsmanship and tremendous value.

Combine fine distillation with material as fine and precious as this, and you have a result which words cannot adequately describe. The result is an ever so unique Malay, that simply reveals more notes, the more it is worn. 

To our nose, it's leathery, sweet, minty, incense like and creamy. All coming through at various stages, it is the penultimate Malay for us, after our Malay 2002 (distilled for Royalty), and once you get your hands on this you'll understand why. 

It takes bravery and determination to distill an oil using precious material such as this, material which we all would use for the finest incense normally. This is a regal oil, an oil which epitomises class and excellence, it is truly for the most serious of collectors and those looking to discover the potential of Malaysian oud.

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