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The Leyte Experience
The Leyte Experience

The Leyte Experience

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The Leyte Experience

Leyte is the new Cambodi. This region has rocketed to the top of every collectors list, whether it’s the western users, the Chinese or the Arabs, Leyte is simply everyone’s top wish! 

To acquire Leyte at the old prices is simply impossible today, as demand has sky rocketed so too have prices, with top quality wood fetching anywhere between 30-100,000 a kilo.

For the new enthusiasts as well as the veterans of this tradition, we wanted to put together a pack that we felt was a great example of contemporary and old Leyte wood.

The Leyte experience is a pack of 5 different Leyte woods from different periods of time, woods that represent some of the best scent profiles the oud world has to offer, there isn’t much in the way of quantity for either of these woods, so be sure to stock up while you can!


Leyte Saffron

A new offering, a rare and remarkable example of superbly resinated Filipino oud. These hand picked curated pieces contain a unique scent profile rarely encountered in oudh, even in the famed and highly sought after Leyte region. Heat these pieces up and what you’ll encounter amongst the familiar notes of Leyte oud is a unique and wonderful aroma of saffron

This note combined with the familiar notes in our sinking vintage Leyte makes for a simply wonderful and unique aroma, we don’t often see thick pieces of Leyte like this, let alone those with an awesome aroma to match!


Sinking Leyte Vintage + Non Sink Vintage Tablets

Leyte oudh is the hottest property on the oudh market today. Ever since the resurgence of Filipino oudh, Leyte has been the most desired region of them all without doubt. And why not? …

Where else does one find such an abundance of high quality oudh - most of it sinking - with such a wonderful and consistent aroma.

The scent profile opens up with florals, earthiness and a green foresty aroma. Beneath this lies a deep oudh rich incense like base. To sum this profile up with one word - regal. 

A true collector's grade batch with a price to match, a batch limited in quantity and an exemplary reminder of the Leyte oudh of the past! 


Sinking Leyte Chips

We hear stories all the time from vendors, esteemed traders and respected collectors, all struggling to source high quality Leyte oud wood. Thanks to our knack for sourcing high grade wood and after a lot patience, we’re delighted to offer an outstanding batch of Leyte, which also happens to be sinking grade - an ultra rare batch of sinking grade oud that doesn’t leave a hole in your wallet!

Scent profile: Opens with mint and menthol like notes, with a predominant green aura. As the heat cranks up, notes of spices, fennel seeds and cardamom come through, finally whafts of vanilla and chocolate arise enveloping the aroma in a beautiful myriad of sweetness and rich incense.


Leyte Chunks 

When I discussed the cost of this wood with of the original owner, he remarked would buy it all again if he could at the original price, such is the demand and rarity of Leyte these days. This wood comes in lovely chunks, perfect for either the subitiism but especially for coal. At the current price point for Leyte oud, you’d find yourself reluctant like us to pop it on a piece of coal or even a subitism for that matter.

That changes with this batch, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful scent of Leyte oud upon coal, amplifying its pungency all while preserving your wallet.

Notes: Cambodi sweetness, spices, earth, cardamom, incense, oud