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The Amiri Collection - Oudh Oil

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The Amiri Collection

Over the past few years we’ve worked tirelessly to collect the finest oud oils and wood. How often is it that you come across an oil that is astounding, dripping in elegance and evoking of class? It is the dream of every distiller, every artisan and every collector to create or own something truly special, something that is the envy of others. Embarking on our own ambitions, we sought to acquire and purvey oils that were astoundingly rare, matched with exceptional scent profiles and each with a story to tell.

With the Amiri collection we have at last collected 4 exclusive oils, each with a personal story and remarkable aroma. These oils weren’t just created for anyone, they were created for royalty throughout the Gulf. To replicate these oils today would be near impossible, each captures a particular moment in history and with it the quality of distillation material available at the time. Raw material simply isn’t enough to produce a great oil - it must also be matched by the work of a great distiller. 

At first glance, we simply fell in love with these oils, their rarity and stories are unforgettable and when we smelt them the circle was complete. Filled with whafts of luxury, unique notes and all the hallmarks of incense grade distillation, these oils are simply the greatest we’ve had to offer and after over a year of preparation we’re delighted to share them with you all!

Koh Kong 2010 - 0.1g
Malay 2002 - 0.1g
Silani Emerald - 0.1g
Silani X - 0.1g

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