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Sinking Maluku

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Maluku is one of the most coveted and prized regions of oud. This little region - known throughout history as the "spice islands" - is home to some of the most finest and most beautiful oud. 

This batch is the envy of the collectors and veterans of the oud tradition, as is our tradition, we seek out the most special of oud batches and bring them right to the most prominent of collectors and enthusiasts.

After hearing collectors reminisce about Maluku oud and its rarity, we set out to bring just that to everyone here. Unparalleled in its profile and charisma, this is the prized and famous Maluku oud in exquisite form.

Featured in our signature collection: Our most premium and exclusive products - sourced from all across the world and concentrated together in a single place.

Fit for the collection of any oudh connoisseur, all of our signature collection products are considered rare collectables or desirable items and thus meeting the quality standards expected of this collection.


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