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Sinking Leyte Oudh Wood

Sinking Leyte Oudh Wood

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All the craze in the oud world these days about is about Leyte. From the Asian market to the Gulf market to the Western market, everybody wants the best oud available and today that happens to be Leyte.

We hear stories all the time from vendors, esteemed traders and respected collectors, all struggling to source high quality Leyte oud wood. Thanks to our knack for sourcing high grade wood and after a lot patience, we’re delighted to offer an outstanding batch of Leyte, which also happens to be sinking grade - an ultra rare batch of sinking grade oud that doesn’t leave a hole in your wallet!

Scent profile: Opens with mint and menthol like notes, with a predominant green aura. As the heat cranks up, notes of spices, fennel seeds and cardamom come through, finally whafts of vanilla and chocolate arise enveloping the aroma in a beautiful myriad of sweetness and rich incense.