Sinking Leyte Bead Scrap

Sinking Leyte Bead Scrap

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Sinking Leyte Bead Scrap

Since the beginning this journey has always been about stocking the best of oudh, even if the batch is tiny or the cost too high, every opportunity to purchase and display quality examples of the in demand regions (virtually all oudh today) must be taken!

I see it as a personal challenge to find and fulfill the requests of the oudh community and our clients alike, and in today's hot market that is increasingly difficult. Ask anyone dealing in valuable luxury items today, whether it be watches, electricals or any other luxury goods, and they'll tell you the same thing.

Demand is simply outstripping supply.

What is presented here is an exquisite batch of sinking bead scrap from a region near Leyte. This batch has come from material fine enough to craft sinking beads used in 4 or 5 figure bracelets!.

Its hard to come by material of this quality for this price these days and its only getting even more difficult. Be sure to purchase this while its still available as we cannot be sure when there'll next be an opportunity to purchase such a fine product at this great price.



An elegant and regal scent profile consisting of sweetness, salty marine notes & the classical Leyte Filipino aroma we all adore!