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Sinking Laos Oudh Wood
Sinking Laos Oudh Wood

Sinking Laos Oudh Wood

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Sinking Laos Oudh Wood
Laos Oudh is exotic put simply, it's rarely seen and coveted for its uniqueness. Unlike its famed neighbours Cambodia & Thailand, Laos is a rarely mentioned region with most being unacquainted with its precious oudh save a few.
This batch then is nothing short of special, an exquisite batch of sinking grade wood, aesthetically and aromatically remarkable.
The burn begins with a unique candy like sweet aroma, with the green scent profile following through and forming the core of this Oudh.
Further on forest like notes of dew and mint arise, along with notes of spices.
Overall the scent can be described as green, although there is nuance, with the sweet and cream like notes also being present throughout - together this forms a unique and multi faceted scent profile that rounds off this unique batch with a special and fulfilling aroma.

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