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Sinking Laos Oud Wood

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Laos is amongst the rarest of South East Asian oud regions, even rarer than the most famous - Cambodi. Amongst collectors you'll find many that have never even tried Laos let alone owned some. 

If you've read some our latest product descriptions, you'll find we have a specialist interest in vintage oud, oud that is held onto by esteemed collectors and hidden away in storage. Our passion is in bringing these gems to ouddicts and collectors. 

Picture a scent profile of sweetness and menthol arising from the top notes, with middle notes of candy and brown sugar, embedded into the resinous base of Lao oud. This is the unique profile of Lao oud, not felt in any other region, a testament to the novelty that is Lao oud. 

Enjoy the special unique notes of this Laos oud wood, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Let its comforting aroma embrace you with its calming and unique scent profile. Experience a feeling of tranquility and balance as it fills the ambience.



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