Silani Supreme Oudh Incense

Silani Supreme Oudh Incense

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Silani Supreme
Silani oudh: famed and much loved throughout the world of oudh connoissuers and merchants.

It has shot to fame in recent years and with that skyrocketed in price and become a true staple and beloved region in the oudh world. Due to this its rarity has increased and we rarely see wood from certain areas in region nowadays.
This our first Silani oudh and much thought and discussion when into selecting our first batch.  We wanted something that represented Silani Oudh well while also providing good value to our customers.

Silani Supreme is just that. A classical Silani aroma brimming with incense and a green earthy scent profile. It’s a relatively simple scent profile that can best be described as minty, green and spicy.
Simply pop a small piece of this wood on the burner and kick back and enjoy the fragrant aura that surrounds you during the burn!