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Silani Sultan

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Over the last few years we've come to the realisation that great Silani oud oils are no longer something to be taken for granted. The connoisseurs will recall the wonderful legends to hail from this region, outstanding and genuinely unique oils that will only rise in value - both monetary and sentimental.

Our Silani X and Silani Emerald were distilled for Royals, and we fortunate to own a tola of each. These were master distillations crafted from some of the finest known wood used for Silani distillations and the resulting oils speak for themselves, belong to a new collection altogether.

Silani Sultani conveys the same ethos, a simple formula of great wood and masterful distillation technique. It has culminated in an oil that smells like no other Silani we know of. A fresh aquatic but nuanced oil, with hints of spearmint and complete with mild honey and tea like notes. 


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