Sabah Sultan

Sabah Sultan

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Sabah Sultan

Sabah, Borneo

Enter Sabah. A region in demand for its precious oudh/agarwood. In demand by us and the world.

The first Sabah Sultan was met with an amazing response - so much so that many were left empty handed.

Determined to restock with similar grade wood, we have at last readied the next instalment of Sabah Sultan.

Simply a wonderful looking wood that we're delighted to have once again.

The scent profile opens with warm spicy notes and mint. Crank up the heat and you've got yourself an ever so prominent scent, oozing with bubbles and releasing whafts of rich incense filled smoke!

Just like the last batch, this batch is limited in quantity and once again offered with a promotional offer of 10% off!


Featured in our signature collection: Our most premium and exclusive products - sourced from all across the world and concentrated together in a single place.

Fit for the collection of any oudh connoisseur, all of our signature collection products are considered rare collectables or desirable items and thus meeting the quality standards expected of this collection.