Purple Cambodi - Artisanal Oudh Oil
Purple Cambodi - Artisanal Oudh Oil

Purple Cambodi - Artisanal Oudh Oil

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Purple Cambodi 2010
When is the last time you came across a vintage Cambodi?
Cambodi oudh is one of the most desired of oudhs, demanded especially by the Arabs of the Gulf. Over time it has come to be one of the most distinguished and esteemed of oudh fragrances.
It often brings a unique and different aroma than most oudhs, an aroma of distinct fruitiness and honey and tea like sweetness. Some oudhs are often said to be "Cambodi like" to emphasise their scent profile and quality - such is the allure and draw of Cambodi.
Purple Cambodi is a 10 year old aged oudh oil, bringing the renowned and traditional Cambodi scent profile. Created by and sourced from a prestigious artisan with multiple decades in oudh, this special fragrance is embedded with a remarkable heritage and tradition.
The scent profile opens up powerfully with minty and camphor like notes, as the heart notes enter in we find floral velvety notes, zest and tea like sweetness - ever so reminding of the typical Cambodi scent profile.
Within the base is a lasting sweet Cambodi oudh aroma with oudh as the predominant base note.
100% Pure artisanal oudh, sourced and bottled with passion & integrity. With every purchase, you're buying unique and distinctly rare products.

Sourced with dedication and stringent quality control, every bottle is worthy of being collected, stored and used. Whether its for everyday use or collecting for the future, our oils are versatile and suited for collecting and heavy usage.

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