Old Sinking Silani Oudh Wood

Old Sinking Silani Oudh Wood

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Old Sinking Silani Oudh Wood

Following our “Old Sinking Leyte” is another remarkable batch of wood from yesteryear, this time in the form of Silani oudh. Together with Filipino these regions have become the hottest two properties on the market and with that seen a dramatic increase in their scarcity and value. It is tremendously difficult to find old thick and high quality batches - especially that which is sinking.

Place a piece of this wonderful oud on the burner and the first thing you’ll notice is the depth and intensity of the aroma, a truly rich and aromatic Silani profile: one that can be described as a combination of sweet, creamy, earthy, forestry and green overall.

This is oudh fit for the collection of any serious collector. An extraordinary and rare example of Silani oudh completed with a mesmerising olfactory experience.


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