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Nha Trang Vintage Oud Oil

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Nha Trang Vintage, Vietnam

Behold the zenith of oud oils: a masterful Taiwanese distillation utilising precious wood from the legendary Nha Trang region of Vietnam. The name Nha Trang resonates in the echelons of oud connoisseurs, synonymous with an aroma that's unparalleled in its allure.

Taiwanese distillations are celebrated for encapsulating the ethereal, kinam-like essence of oud. While many succeed in this captivating endeavor, there are times when the heart yearns for something more profound, a scent that resonates deeper, with greater vibrancy and intensity.

Our "Fragrant Harbour" set a gold standard, receiving accolades and admiration from the most discerning of noses. Lauded for its exceptional caliber, it carved a niche among the revered. This Nha Trang variant continues that legacy, earning commendations from esteemed collectors, validating its distinction and unparalleled grace. It's everything we envisioned, and then some.

Those privileged to experience this oil echo our sentiment: it's a magnum opus in the world of oud oils. Representing the very soul and essence of oud wood, this Nha Trang elixir stands as the epitome of what oud oil should be. A must-have for every collector, it is destined to be heralded as one of the most iconic artisanal oud oils ever crafted.

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