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Mysore Vintage Sandalwood Oil

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The most famous of sandalwood regions is unquestionably Mysore. This region is ever so abundant in the market, yet the vintage oils of yesterday preclude us.

Sandalwood comes from many different regions such as Sri Lanka, Tonga, Vanuatu, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hawaii. But it is Mysore sandalwood that is the the most famous and coveted of them all, a sandalwood traded for centuries if not millennia.

This batch is over 20 years old, a remnant of the antique batches produced from this region. Good quality mysore today is rare let alone vintage produce.

The aroma is a beautiful sweet, powdery and woody aroma, a wonderful scent that captures the beauty of the wood used to distil this oil.

Experience a whole new olfactory dimension with Mysore sandalwood, a true collectors item, unique in its story and it’s awe inspiring aroma.

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