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Maluku Oud Incense Sticks 10 grams

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Incense, with its profound roots in oriental culture, is more than just an aroma—it's a bridge to ancient traditions, a connection to memories, and a salutation to spiritual introspection. In the East, where the air often dances with the rich trails of burning agarwood, incense isn't merely a fragrance; it’s an integral thread in the cultural fabric, an olfactory testament to a civilization's deep reverence for the sacred and profound.

Crafted with this rich heritage in mind, our Maluku oud incense sticks encapsulate the very soul of the orient. Each stick, meticulously fashioned from the rarest Maluku agarwood and bound with the subtle strength of makko powder, promises purity in its truest form. With no added fillers or artificial fragrances, they stand as a testament to simplicity and authenticity, embodying the essence of true oud.

Upon lighting, these sticks unfurl a captivating creamy and spicy aroma, enveloping spaces with an ethereal warmth for approximately 45 minutes. Their long burn time ensures a lingering journey of scent, a sustained experience of the East's most cherished aromatic traditions.

Each pack, containing 11-13 handcrafted sticks, is not just a purchase—it's an investment in a rich legacy. An opportunity to experience, firsthand, the wonder of agarwood as celebrated in age-old oriental rituals. Revel in the true essence of the East, where simplicity meets excellence, with our premium Maluku oud incense sticks.

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