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Koh Kong Classic

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Koh Kong Classic

Over time the artisanal oud game has become synonymous for the finest oud money can buy, we’ve seen oils procured and created by artisans that are superior to nearly all oils out there, even those owned and created for Sultans - at least by our standards and tastes anyway. 

The signature of artisanal oud has become widespread, and we find that traditionally distilled oils are increasingly becoming rarer and less desirable by vendors and connoisseurs alike. Perhaps, we’ve never really understood classical oud oils, instead gaining our understanding of these oils from low quality examples that cost almost nothing.

As the years have gone by, we’ve found that the rate at which we release cambodi oud oils to be unparalleled by any other vendors and at times we prefer private releases due to simply how much we source of this region. After many requests for a “traditional oil”, we’ve sought to source an oil that captures the classical Koh Kong profile, an oil that has that Arabian signature written over it, an oil with the right amount of fermentation and animalic notes - an oil that is perfect simply.

Koh Kong Classic is that desire personified in the form of an oil, a reddish cambodi that opens with whafts of fruits, smoke and barn. A mesmerising blend of dark fruits, tea and honey punches through, resting upon a base of menthol and oud. It’s among the most complex of any cambodis we’ve ever come across, a truly unique and rare oil that only comes around ever so often. 

We’re privileged to be able to release this oil and that too on a special day such as this, so be sure not to miss out on a great example of traditional cambodi oud!



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