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Huang Shang

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For many years now Taiwanese oil has been all the hype, and recently the prices have been truly melodramatic. But what if we told you that Taiwanese oud oils can be affordable and still pack the magnificent aromas of the legendary kinam like oils?

Huang Shang is a recent distillation of Merauke, in the skunk works of Tapei. It is a new oil, and a new Merauke that is longer over due. We've recently retailed a Merauke which will go down as one of the contemporary legends - Encens Merauke - a 5 year old unique menthol and incense like oil. An perfume like scent that is simply unique from all oud oils.

Huang Shang is yet another unique merauke, but different from the legend that precedes it. This relatively fresh oil radiates a wonderful and sharp opening profile, a profile of mint and menthol. Bring in the middle notes and you have spices revealing themselves all the way down to its sweet and powdery base. It is a profile that will only get better with age, a profile which is too unique to be described with words!

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