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Hong Kong Vintage Oud Wood

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This is undeniably amongst the most coveted and rarest of ouds. Our Yunnan took over 1 year to source, such is the rarity of Chinese Oud. The Chinese market has taken off astronomically in recent years, and with that, the scarcity of their home market woods. 

Its unsurprising that previous attempts at sourcing Hong Kong oud have all been unsuccessful, with many established vendors even questioning its existence.

So we turned to our Taiwanese friends, experts in all things oud and particularly novelties like this. The result is what you see, a remarkable looking and astounding batch of Hong Kong oud, something no true collector will be able to overlook.

A renowned collector has already taken the first 2 batches, with the final now remaining and no more in sight. With something as special as this, we can never be quite sure when we'll see it again.

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