Gua Musang, Malay Oudh Oil

Gua Musang, Malay Oudh Oil

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Gua Musang, Kelantan, Malaysia

For us a high end oudh is a fragrance that should be unique & soothing, a versatile oil that lends itself well to countless occasions. Different seasons and different times of day. It should be calming and relaxing, helping one to meditate, focus and unwind.

On the other hand when the occasion suits it should project itself and announce its presence, allowing the wearer to reflect a unique and rare possession of theirs - a signature item. Similar to a luxury watch.

A limited release of ours presented here is Gua Musang, a wild Malay oudh oil distilled this year.

A typical tropical malay opening punches its way out to the surface and then makes way soon thereafter for the heart notes.

The heart notes emerge smoothly with sweet dark fruits & honey like notes; that are simply so well compiled naturally together.

Overall a Cambodi-esque aroma ensues from this fragrance that so beautifully captures the heart and base of this special oil.

It is the next installment in our Malay series, limited in quantity and unique in profile. Put simply its a Malay with a Cambodi twist! 

New stock is on the way: 2.5g bottles are delayed at the moment.