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Green Kinam Incense Sticks 5 grams

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Embark on a sensory journey like no other with our Green Kinam Incense Sticks. Each stick is a meticulously crafted beacon of opulence, destined to drape your senses in unparalleled serenity and elegance. As you light it, expect more than just an aroma; anticipate a narrative of luxury, tradition, and magnificence.

In the world of incense, kinam is the undisputed monarch, a regal essence that is as rare as it is captivating. Our commitment to artisanal excellence led us to this treasure: incense imbued with the spirit of the legendary Green Kinam.

Heralded as the pinnacle of oud, kinam is distinguished by a spectrum of colors, with each shade representing a unique grade and rarity. Sourced from the esteemed green kinam, this incense is a gem that, in its pure form, can command prices reaching thousands for just a gram, coveted by the truest connoisseurs of aromatic splendors.

Meticulously crafted by revered incense maestros from the Far East, each stick promises an aroma that stands out in opulence and character. Elevating its majestic essence, integrated is the rare Fusen Red Clay Oud from Vietnam—a testament to our pursuit of unparalleled aromatic experiences.


  • Green Kinam: 10%
  • Vietnam Fusen Red Clay Oud
  • Vietnam Oud

Discover the allure of Green Kinam, accentuated by the mystique of Fusen Red Clay Oud. It's not just a scent—it's an odyssey. Indulge and lose yourself in its embrace.

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