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East Malaysian Bead Scrap

East Malaysian Bead Scrap

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Over the years good quality Malaysian oud has become scarcer and ever more precious. Quality stocks go to wealthy mass collectors, bidding enormous amounts, before the wood ever has a chance of coming close to the market.

This is the story not just for Malaysian oud; but all oud today. Sourcing the best oud available while maintaining value is an everlasting commitment of ours to our customers.

This batch is an example of that, East Malaysian bead scrap in generously sized chunks matched with a delicate and sweet aroma. This is a sublime example of non sinking grade wood with an aroma that betters many sinking woods!

The aroma opens up soft and delicately with velvety and sweet notes, turn the heat up and out pour notes of chocolate and salted caramel along with soft spices like cardamom. Built upon a rich and deep base of Malaysian Oud, this scent profile is unique when comparing to other oudhs from the same region and a rare find for sure!