Double Super Sabah, Malay Oudh Wood Incense

Double Super Sabah, Malay Oudh Wood Incense

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At The Attar Store we have fondness for the Oudh of Sabah, Malaysia. It was one of our first releases and a very acclaimed batch too. Since then we have been trying to source some more to succeed our previous batch. Nothing came our way till now...

A batch fresh from Sabah, ready and prepared in time to launch for Eid ul Adha!

This is a double super graded batch from Sabah, with a widespread dark resin across the batch making it aesthetically pleasing coupled with quite a unique scent profile.

The scent profile starts off with a sharpy minty note, and an earthy grassy opening.

It gives of the ozone smell during a thunderstorm, reminding of the rain forest and jungle origins of this wood.

The spicy notes then begin to unravel, with an increase in potency the further along the heat spectrum one goes.

Towards the end after the bubbling of the oudh fades, it leaves a rich dark incensey smell and a velvety note.



"Begins with light warm notes which steadily increase with potency. A spicy aroma begins as the oud heats, exotic, rich and heavy. Clean smoke which perfuses the room with an earthy woody smell" - Nemat A.