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Cambodi Tambaku 2
Cambodi Tambaku 2

Cambodi Tambaku 2

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A little over a year ago we released an oil called "Cambodi Tambaku", a unique and pure Cambodi oud produced from a masterful distillation. We've had countless requests for more of it and have been simply unable to fulfil them - leaving us full of regret that we didn't buy more.

After over 6 months of persistent searching and negotiating, at last we have a successor - Cambodi Tambaku 2.0. Those in the know, understand that wild cambodi oud is impossibly rare, whether it be wood or oil. Yet in the past year this is the 4th wild oil we've released - not including the oils held and sold in private.

Cambodi oud is one of the most coveted of oud producing regions historically, leading to sky rocketing demand and dwindling supply. The rarity and persistent quality is what keeps it allure ever so promising and fulfilling.

Top notes: Menthol, Mint, Tea

Middle notes: Fruit, Honey, Sweetness, Citrus, Aloe vera

Base notes: Salted caramel, Oud, Incense 


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