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Cambodi H. - Organic Oud Oil

Cambodi H. - Organic Oud Oil

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Real quality Cambodi oud today is rare no doubt. An abundance of organic woods and oils are produced in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Yet for the most part, they very rarely if ever match or exceed the oud produced in the wild.

We've all become accustomed to fruity and punchy oudhs that are largely one dimensional and all too common. Meanwhile the classier and more refined organic ouds are all too absent from the market. Organic oud can be so much more, if it is created with care and prime craftsmanship. 

Cambodi H. is a classic example of quality organic oud. An orange coloured oil, opening with notes of smoke, menthol and mint. Further on, in come notes of green, tamarind and dry fruits. This is a remarkable example of organic oud, a gem limited in quantity and characterised by its uniqueness and quality.