Assorted Incense Collection Box

Assorted Incense Collection Box

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Assorted Incense Collection Box

Burning oudh and incense helps many of us to unwind, relax and meditate in our lives. It has a special place in our everyday lives as do all scents.

It has become imperative throughout the lockdowns and these unprecedented times, to be able to find distractions and activities through which we may destress and bring ourselves joy and peace.

Composed here is an assorted hand picked incense box, containing various oudhs, sandalwood & incense sticks - and all for just $99!


  • Mysore Incense Sticks

Quality Taiwanese incense sticks made out sandalwood from Mysore, India. Filled with a woody, creamy and smoky sandalwood aroma.

  • Vintage Mysore Sandalwood Chips

A scent profile that can be described as creamy, buttery and of course a sandalwood aroma! With a slight zesty ethereal note at the end.

  • Surat Sultan Oudh Wood

Surati Thai oudh with a scent profile of spices, vanilla, cinnamon and a rich spicy oudh base.

  • Khao Yai Oudh Wood

This is an intensely resinated batch of oudh, coupled with a strong & incense rich aroma. The scent profile opens up with an intense green aroma, full of foresty notes and a strong whaft of spices with a hint of sweetness.

  • Filipino Soil Oudh Wood

Sweet, earthy and spicy aroma. Reminiscent of earthy soil oudhs.

  • Silani Oudh Wood

The much desired Silani oudh, foresty, oudhy and full of incense.