Annie M Blend

Annie M Blend

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For years we've strived tirelessly with countless late nights, negotations and effort to bring to you the best of oudh and incense.

Now we bring to you the next series in our Artisanal fragrance line up - Attar. Pure & bespoke perfume blends composed of only the finest essential oils and raw materials.

The inspiration for this blend was the sweet rose like attars of the east combined with feminine floral perfumes found in western sprays.

To explore this idea we created a blend called "Tonga Rose", composed of 20 year old Tongan sandalwood oil and premium Turkish rose oil finished off with White Ambergris. For months it aged and settled before being whisked off to the online OudFest this year alongside our oudh line up.

It was very well received and appraised, and upon recommendation we commission a larger scale batch.

Finally released here is the culmination of those months of blending, smelling and patience.

An attar composed of the oldest sandalwood we could find, a woody like neutral sandalwood encapsulating the fragrance. 

Comined with premium Turkish rose oil, and the most coveted and special of rose oils - Taifi rose from Saudi Arabia.

Add to this a dash of zargol grade saffron and fine pure Cambodian oudh and you've got yourself a fragrance with all sorts of notes and aromas. Yet remaining smooth and floral, a light yet complex fragrance.

Carefully blended and masterfully crafted in-home. 



Tongan sandalwood, Timor sandalwood saffron maceration

Turkish Rose oil, Taifi Rose oil

Zargol saffron

White and brown ambergris

Cambodian Oudh