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Angkor Incense Kit
Angkor Incense Kit
Angkor Incense Kit

Angkor Incense Kit

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We strive to make quality oudh more accessible and fun, we wanted to make oudh woods easier to experience, learn and sample without breaking the bank constantly.

You know, quality oudh wood at a quality price? Without leaving a hole in your wallet.

So with that here is a pack of 3 premium famous oudh woods from South East Asia. These are superb aesthetic examples of each with exemplary scent profiles to pair.

Here is the list of each:

3 grams Cambodi

3 grams Khao Yai (Thailand)

3 grams Vietnam


Cambodi - Cambodi Oudh is famed throughout the world & highly demanded.

After constant requests and efforts, a double super Cambodi batch is what is presented here, containing the typical sweet fruity Cambodi profile.

A beautiful batch with a neat degree of resin across each piece, pair it with the scent profile and we think it makes for a pretty awesome batch of oudh!


Khao Yai - Take a look at this batch and one of the things that immediately stands out is the resin on the front! A superb and spreading resination across each and every piece...

A green scent profile, with notes of spices, further unraveling a tea like profile with a slight hint of mint. Overall a deep and incense heavy oudh profile.


Vietnam - Vietnamese Oudh is cherished and famed throughout the community. In fact throughout the 90's it was the dominant source of oudh for Japan.

Upon heating a sliver of another piece in this batch, the aroma jumped at me immediately, in amazement I went immediately to share it with my family. A Canteloupe fruit note that is ever so dominating, in fact I found it difficult to smell anything else after this other than a sweet melon fruits aroma!