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Cambodi Khao Yai Incense Kit
Cambodi Khao Yai Incense Kit

Cambodi Khao Yai Incense Kit

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Cambodi - Double Super

Cambodi Oudh is famed throughout the world & highly demanded.

After constant requests and efforts, a double super Cambodi batch is what is presented here, containing the typical sweet fruity Cambodi profile.

A beautiful batch with a neat degree of resin across each piece, pair it with the scent profile and we think it makes for a pretty awesome batch of oudh!

Khao Yai - Double Super

Take a look at this batch and one of the things that immediately stands out is the resin on the front! A superb and spreading resination across each and every piece...

A green scent profile, with notes of spices, further unraveling a tea like profile with a slight hint of mint. Overall a deep and incense heavy oudh profile.

Khao Yai Oudh Oil Sample

An elegant oil containing a tea and honey like sweetness, along with fruits but overall unlike the typical Thai profile.

Distilled from incense grade shavings, it's almost as though this oil is a distant relative of the esteemed and famed Cambodi family of oudh!

Two options available -

5g of Cambodi, 5g of Khao Yai, sample of Khao Yai Oil

10g of Cambodi, 10g of Khao Yai, sample of Khao Yai Oil