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Collection: The Artisan Project

Collection: The Artisan Project

The Rarest of Oud & Incense

This project is for the connoisseurs, for the collectors who strive to have the rarest and most exquisite of oud. With so many collectors the dilemma has always been whether to use their oud bottles or not, some opting to store it away for a time when such oils will no longer be around.

And for some, its there to be enjoyed with many even buying a back up bottle to store and leave untouched in the vault for the future, as a reference and and an inheritance. 

There’s also the allure and excitement in acquiring oils simply for the purpose of collecting and ageing them for a time when they will be even more rare, unique and valuable. So many experienced oud collectors have experience the harsh stone cold reality of the open oud market, being sold inferior and even diluted oud products for high prices. 

To avoid all that and save you from losing hard earned funds, we’ve built this collection to help our  community collect artisanal oud in larger quantities for wearing, ageing and collecting for the future.

We know too well the conditions of the market, the scamming and the cheating taking place out there amongst the backdrop of increasing scarcity of high end oud. 

We also know and love the experience of buying rare items of oud, without the illustrious marketing and stories, but rather for their simplicity. 

We love to buy oils with 4 simple criteria. Region, age, scent profile and price. Its time now for us to share that experience with everyone else, allowing you to go through our process for obtaining some of the finest oud known. We like to think of this in two categories, the first is fresh oud ripe for ageing into exquisite and mature oils one day, the legends of the future.  Secondly, already aged and vintage ouds, rare today and no doubt oud that will be incredibly rare and valuable tomorrow. 

This collection is the culmination of our efforts over these last few years to further demystify high end oud and share with the world the finest and rarest examples of oud thought to be long gone. It is a demonstration of passion coming out on top over profit, the realisation that great vintage oud thought to be long gone is still around if one has the right intentions and approach. 

We go through this journey every day, constantly seeking out the rarest and most illustrious of oud, fulfilling our wildest fantasies in the pursuit of the greatest oud possible. Now we want to take you on that journey with us, on the frontlines of the oud world, pursuing and creating the finest oud possible.