Surat Sultan Intense Oud Wood

Surat Sultan Intense Oud Wood

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The latest addition to our "Sultan" series is Surat Sultan Intense. A deeply and significantly more resinated batch of oud than its predecessor.

Just like the original, it has an ever so unique scent profile. Beginning with wafts of cardamom and cinnamon among other spices. As the heat cranks up, on come notes of vanilla and sweetness perfectly enshrouded within an oud and incense rich base. The aroma is ever richer, stronger and more fulfilling with this batch, with a heavier lean on the base notes of oud and incense - owing in part to the heavy resin content.

All in all, it is a terrific and rare example of the complexity and nuance present within Thai oud, a superior batch of oud jam packed full of resin and complete with a wonderful and incense filled aroma.

Featured in our signature collection: Our most premium and exclusive products - sourced from all across the world and concentrated together in a single place.

Fit for the collection of any oudh connoisseur, all of our signature collection products are considered rare collectables or desirable items and thus meeting the quality standards expected of this collection.