Encens Prachin

Encens Prachin

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Our mission statement is to offer only high end oudh. Time and time again the feedback we receive on our products is a testament to not only the superior quality of our products but also their value.

High quality and unique examples of Thai oudh are increasingly more difficult to come by these days, the Thai oils of the past are exceptionally rare today in a market filled with contemporary Thai oils.

Thai oudh can be so much more than the fruity and sweet oils we're accustomed to now, take the example of Encens Prachin, a unique and high grade Thai aged for over 10 years. Acquired from a private collection and cooked originally with top tier wood through a superior distillation.

A unique and smooth regal like oudh, with notes of kinam, captivating incense and smoke. The profile is reminiscent of a mukhallat - a blend of various oils - and you can understand why once you begin to wear this masterpiece of oudh distillation and let its wonderful aroma unravel.

Sweet and fruit like notes soon follow through with an accompanying mesmerising tea like dry down note. This is a truly unique oil, with age and tradition on its side, limited in quantity and very rarely seen in the oudh market of today.


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