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Collection: Premium Incense

Collection: Premium Incense

The Rarest of Oud & Incense

A collection of our most premium incense and oud wood, this is the pinnacle of high end oud and the finest of incense sticks.

This collection curates some of the most special and exquisite examples of oud & incense for collection and special occasions. For some, this is the only quality worth everyday use!Incense is something so important to so many cultures, featuring in various aspects of daily life. In the West while we may not experience this wonderful tradition often, we have similar in the way of candles and diffusers.However, the traditional incense is simply unmatched, the wonders of nature being heated gently and releasing their glorious aromas are unparalleled by modern day perfumery.Our staple incense offering is oud wood and we also offer sticks meticulously crafted featuring the finest oud wood.

Oud is one of the rarest scents ever known, a treasured and sought after rarity for millennia even featuring in the bible. Initially revered by cultures all across Asia and the Middle East, oud has since come to the West, featuring in products by the most famous western houses.

So what exactly is oud? Oud is the resinous product produced by agarwood trees after they have sustained an infection. Only a handful of trees will have enough oud to be harvested, after which it is cut up and graded with the highest grades being used as incense chips for burning on coal and the lower grade going towards products such as oil, incense sticks and bakhoor.

Oudh Wood is the true original form of Oudh long before oils & perfumes, It is traditionally burned on a coal or electric heater in order to release its precious and luxurious aroma that has been treasured for millennia. Each culture has its own way of using Oudh, some utilise it everyday, others for special occasions.Oudh is something that is versatile, unique and yet so unknown. It is used everyday in some cultures proving its versatility and importance. It’s something we can use to unwind and relax, to perfume ourselves before going out and to share with our guests.