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Collection: Ambergris & Aromatics

Collection: Ambergris & Aromatics

Authentic Naturals

To any perfumer sourcing natural aromatics is key skill, similar to a chef sourcing their ingredients, it is imperative for artisanal fragrance that only the finest aromatics are used.

We collect and retail a number of aromatics including ambergris, rose, sandalwood & frankincense. As with our oud, we focus on sourcing the finest and most authentic of naturals for perfumery use, supplying several perfumers and incense makers across the world.

There are several imitations of these online, search for any and several hits come up, yet so few reach the mark of our naturals. Ensuring authenticity with rare naturals like ambergris is extremely difficult given how rare these materials are, worth even more than gold in weight.

With our extensive and deep relationships globally, we source some of the finest and rarest of naturals, ensuring authenticity and purity along the way.