Sinking Filipino Oudh Wood - Restock

Sinking Filipino Oudh Wood - Restock

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Filipino oudh is hugely craved and desired. I see folks stocking up on it all the time, requesting more and more high grade oudh.

Sinking (underwater) is a pre-requisite, to complete the deal the aroma must be wonderful - sinking wood alone will not do.

With this batch we've accomplished both. Small chip sinking oudh with a beautiful and unique aroma.

The wood has a good mixture of both resin and oil, with bubbles oozing upon cranking up the burn temperature.

The scent profile opens with notes of strong vanilla, cream and chocolate. An ever so unique layer of sweet and pleasing top notes.

Further within are earthy notes with a strong and classy oudh note that completes this scent profile beautifully, capturing the deepness of Filipino oudh with a unique, sweet and calming aroma.

Quantities are limited, be sure not to miss out.


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