November 29, 2020

What Makes A Good Oud Oil or Perfume?

By Hamza
What Makes A Good Oud Oil or Perfume?
A thoughtful question posed to us by a well regarded enthusiast.

A good oudh oil is an oil that captivates its region and portrays its nuances while also allowing us to understand its depth and character.

An oil could have a barnyard aroma for example. It might represent Indian oudh, but does it represent what we as a brand seek to achieve with our products?

No, Rather we want oils and attars that capture what our brand and our passion is about. We want to stock oils that portray us, our traditions and our customers.

We want to stock the best for any product, the best Cambodi, the best Malay, the best Incense all according to the price range. Good fragrance should be affordable.

It must also fit into the client's life, whether the oud or fragrance is for business/work, relaxing or special and important events, it should be subtle yet bold enough to make its name.

This comes back to our aim and objective - to build and create fragrant memories!