April 18, 2021

The World of Swiss Watches and Oudh

By Hamza hhperfumes@outlook.com
The World of Swiss Watches and Oudh
Nowadays special oudhs are often like buying luxury Swiss watches with waiting lists. You must establish a rapport with the collector or distiller, who often have decades of experience and no shortage of clientele waiting patiently to purchase. Usually one must also have a purchase history and an established relationship with the vendor, followed by the act of convincing them to part with their precious gems toward your direction. Simply put, money on its own isn't enough.

There are many similarities between fine watches and oudh. They are both exquisite items with much heritage and history behind them, whilst avid collectors are keen to consistently bolster their collections and purchase the new releases from their favourite luxury brands. They can both be described as "investments" or assets which do not depreciate such as fine wine or art and other rare collectibles. 

Just as watches are handed down often from one generation to the next, so too are rare oudh oils. With some oils spanning back generations, having been kept by collectors and merchants on their shelves for decades. Whether it was for investing or simply collecting the finest examples of oudh, this has been integral in preserving the oils of old, and allowing us to have rare and vintage oils in pristine condition today.

Today these oils go for eye watering amounts of money, figures which their original owners perhaps did not ever imagine they would reach.
Oudh can be thought of as wine, art or luxury Swiss watches. It is a rare appreciating asset, which retains its value and only increases over time. Many buy oudh as an investment, they like to speculate on its value, others buy it to flaunt their wealth and the last group of users purchase it to use as a pure perfume.

Here at The Attar Store we hold oils which span across the entire spectrum of oudh, whether its classic oils or modern contemporary oils, we hold it all simply. We source vintage and collectors items for our clientele across the world, while also stocking some of the finest artisanal oudh on our website.

Whether its for investing, collecting or gifting to others, we do our best to cater the demands of our clients - get in touch with us today to explore the world of oudh!

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