June 25, 2023

Artisanal Oud: An Explanation & Comparison

By Hamza hhperfumes@outlook.com
Artisanal Oud: An Explanation & Comparison

Artisanal oud refers to a new approach to fine fragrance in this case oud, akin to 3rd generation coffee, the emergence of artisanal oud has had a profound impact on what we know oud to be. 

It has reinvigorated our passion for fragrance, elevated our expectations of oud and brought us true olfactory gems.

Before the time of artisanal oud, the oud scene was rife with adulterated oils mixed with other substances - chemicals largely - in order to dilute the scent and maximise profits. Some collectors went years without knowing and many out there still don't know their oud is not authentic.

Even for those who crave pure oud, sadly it is not readily available. 

Rather this precious and wonderful aroma is a rather difficult acquisition, hoarded by collectors and remaining the enthusiasm of the most zealot fragrance collectors. There exists within perfumery the concept of niche and ultra-niche perfumes and it is only natural that from this school of thought one turns to artisanal oud when sourcing the finest essential oils for themselves. 

Another reason for the abundance of low quality and mixed oud is simply variability, brands require mass production dn consistency even if it means lower quality. Vert few perfumery houses have variation within their batches and as for those who do they are niche houses with hotly contested debates over batch quality.

Nature does not offer the above by default and no two oud oils are ever exactly the same even if distilled from similar material with similar distillation technique. They also don't age the same, the after care of an oil is extremely important in order to cure and prepare the oil for ageing over time into a more refined and beautiful perfume like scent. 

For us this one of the most joyous parts of oud is to be able to bask in the aromatic wonders pf God's creation. With no two oils ever being the same, you can rest assured there's always something new & unique to appreciate, keeping you engaged and your olfactory sense excited!

Starting off any fragrance journey or rather any new hobby can be daunting & overwhelming, particularly when the cost of entry is high and there is so much to learn. The jump from mainstream perfumes to semi-niche, then further to niche and finally indie and semi bespoke - is certainly an arduous and length journey. With so much to learn and appreciate we've started to simplify the learning process with our series of articles and tutorials.

The pinnacle step lies in our introductory learning packs. These are designed to be comprehensive sets to introduce beginners & veterans to the range of our exquisite and limited oils. 

They are composed of hand selected oils, curated for their unique and powerful aromas delivered through masterful distillation technique - creating an aromatic experience like no other.

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