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  • 3 Minute Guide to Oud

    3 Minute Guide to Oud

    Oud is one of the rarest scents ever known, a treasured and sought after rarity for millennia even featuring in the bible. Initially revered by cultures all across Asia and the Middle East, oud has since come to the West, featuring in products by the most famous western houses.

    With mass produced perfumes by designer brands and even niche brands it should come of no surprise that most of the oud used in these perfumes is synthetic - produced in labs - that doesn’t even come close to the real scent.

    So what exactly is oud?

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  • Artisanal Oud: An Explanation & Comparison

    Artisanal Oud: An Explanation & Comparison

    Artisanal oud refers to a new approach to fine fragrance in this case oud, akin to 3rd generation coffee, the emergence of artisanal oud has had a profound impact on what we know oud to be. 

    It has reinvigorated our passion for fragrance, elevated our expectations of oud and brought us true olfactory gems.

    Before the time of artisanal oud, the oud scene was rife with adulterated oils mixed with other substances - chemicals largely - in order to dilute the scent and maximise profits. Some collectors went years without knowing and many out there still don't know their oud is not authentic.

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  • Fragrant Harbour & The Legend of Taiwanese Oud

    Fragrant Harbour & The Legend of Taiwanese Oud

    Taiwanese oud oil has become something of a legend within the oud community, after all, some of the greatest oils known hail from here.

    The path to sourcing great fragrance is not easy, let alone some of the finest essential oils known. Pair this arduous ambition with the requirement it must be distilled in Taiwan, and now you have yourself an almost impossible task. 

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  • The World of Swiss Watches and Oudh

    The World of Swiss Watches and Oudh
    Nowadays special oudhs are often like buying luxury Swiss watches with waiting lists. You must establish a rapport with the collector or distiller, who often have decades of experience and no shortage of clientele waiting patiently to purchase. Usually one must also have a purchase history and an established relationship with the vendor, followed by the act of convincing them to part with their precious gems toward your direction. Simply put, money on its own isn't enough.
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