Zenith Taiwan Oud Oil & Wood Experience

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Zenith Taiwan Oud Oil & Wood Experience 

Our Zenith collection is a curated set of some of the greatest oud oils known, these are oils selected for their extreme rarity, extraordinary stories and exciting scent profiles. The feedback of those fortunate enough to try these oils is a true testament to the uniqueness and greatness of these oils - they are undoubtedly legend material.

This set features the option to select 1 gram (approximately 1ml) of an oil in a high recovery lab vial along with 5 grams of rare oud wood incense from a selection of regions representing the origins of each oil. 

Fragrant Harbour hails from Hong Kong & Hainan, wood from both these regions was masterfully distilled to create one of the most beautiful oils we know of. To honour this, we've offered the option to select some Hainan vintage wood or some Hong Kong vintage wood.

Nha Trang Vintage & Nha Trang Qinan hail from the legendary Nha Trang region of Vietnam. Vietnamese oud is akin to what Cuba represents for the Cigar world, it is the most sought after region by many collectors and certain cultures.

We've offered a vintage batch of sinking Nha Trang vintage oud wood to pair with this, representing the beautiful and unique aroma of this legendary region. Read more about this wood and what makes it so great here.


Oud Oils 
Fragrant Harbour - Hainan & Hong Kong, China

For sometime we have been on the search for Hong Kong oud, an ambitious search that was mostly futile. Even our Chinese friends could not help with the request with many purveyors of the finest wood and kinam/kyara even questioning whether it existed, casting doubt on our aspirations.

Recently we struck gold with not only hong kong wood, but also with this extremely rare gem of an oil. This is a vintage co-distillation from the skunk works of Taiwan. An absolutely astonishing find, that we could not have imagined when setting out on this search...

Nha Trang Vintage - Vietnam

This is the pinnacle of oud oil, a Taiwanese distillation of one of the most famous regions of oud known - Nha Trang, Vietnam. We know of many Taiwanese distillations, they are indeed fantastic oils, capturing a wonderful kinam like aroma. Yet many of them leave you wanting more, sometimes you crave a little more punch, a little more aroma...

Nha Trang Qinan - Vietnam

Undeniably Nha Trang is one of the greatest regions of oud, a region that has every collector enthused and fixated on collecting its gems. Our focus is no different, we collect and purvey only the finest of oils: focusing on scent, rarity and value. 

For some truly great oils, cost takes a back seat in the decision making. With this oil we're faced with one of the greatest oils we've tried, part of what makes it so great is its kinamic aroma and powerful projection. Despite being a costly and difficult acquisition for us, we're simply grateful to have been blessed with such a gem, after all great oud is not easy to come by - even if one has the funds...


Oud Wood
Sinking Hong Kong Oud Wood

This is undeniably amongst the most coveted and rarest of ouds. Our Yunnan took over 1 year to source, such is the rarity of Chinese Oud. The Chinese market has taken off astronomically in recent years, and with that, the scarcity of their home market woods. 

Its unsurprising that previous attempts at sourcing Hong Kong oud have all been unsuccessful, with many established vendors even questioning its existence.

So we turned to our Taiwanese friends, experts in all things oud and particularly novelties like this. The result is what you see, a remarkable looking and astounding batch of Hong Kong oud, something no true collector will be able to overlook...

Sinking Nha Trang Vintage Oud Wood

Nha Trang is the region all collectors come to revere, for it is one of the most famous and greatest of ouds. In Taiwan this is the crème de la crème of Oud. A region all the collectors flock to and a region that occupies the bulk of work for vendors.

I once posed a question to a friend about the obsession for Vietnamese oud and why the focus was there when we should be looking for more contemporary regions. His response, the Chinese simply love Vietnamese oud. When you experience batches as rare and beautiful as this Nha Trang you understand why.

Just acquiring and holding a piece of Nha Trang oud leaves you with sense of joy, it is one of the true legends of oud, a must have for all collectors...

Sinking Hainan Oud Wood

Discover the enchanting allure of vintage Hainan oud wood, a rare and precious treasure coveted by collectors and connoisseurs alike. Sourced from the lush tropical rainforests of Hainan Island, China, this exquisite oud captures the essence of a bygone era and exudes a mystique that has captivated generations.

The beguiling aroma of this aged oud wood is unparalleled, offering an intoxicating blend of sweet, earthy, and woody notes that evoke feelings of serenity and sophistication. The scent is reminiscent of a fusion between the verdant Hainan Island forests and the alluring spices of ancient trade routes, creating an olfactory experience that is both exotic and comforting.

Whether you are a collector, a connoisseur, or simply an admirer of timeless beauty, the vintage Hainan oud wood is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of nature and the enduring appeal of history. For discerning incense lover this is an olfactory journey full of unique and complex aromas...


About us

Just what is artisanal oud?

So you've seen the word "artisan" in abundance and now you might be wondering what do we mean by artisanal oud? 

Artisanal oud refers to a new generation in oud production and evolution in the way we think about, procure and enjoy oud. 

Artisans spend years mastering their craft, focusing on the art and their passion for their respective disciplines. Money is not the priority, that would be the antithesis of the artisanal approach to oud. 

Artisanal oud, represents a shift from mass produced, diluted and dishonest oud offerings throughout the world. To us it means going back to basics, at ground level, and working with the folk on the ground to recapture the essence of oud tradition.

An artisan needs to have control of every parameter, knowledge of every part of the puzzle and above all, a vision that brings all the moving parts together.

At The Attar Store, we have deep relations with the finest and most legendary of distillers of essential oils, the best perfumers & the veterans and legends of the Eastern oud tradition. 

This gives us an unparalleled understanding and insight into each of our products, from origin to conception.

Click here to learn more about artisanal oud.

Product categories

What is oud oil?

Oud is one of the rarest scents ever known, a treasured and sought after rarity for millennia even featuring in the bible. Initially revered by cultures all across Asia and the Middle East, oud has since come to the West, featuring in products by the most famous western houses.

With mass produced perfumes by designer brands and even niche brands it should come of no surprise that most of the oud used in these perfumes is synthetic - produced in labs - that doesn’t even come close to the real scent. 

So What is Oud? Oud is the resinous product produced by agarwood trees after they have sustained an infection. Only a handful of trees will have enough oud to be harvested, after which it is cut up and graded with the highest grades being used as incense chips for burning on coal and the lower grade going towards products such as oil, incense sticks and bakhoor.

Oud oil is what is used in perfumes and on the skin as a scent, it is made by distilling oud chips and shavings (think whiskey) in a painstaking process lasting weeks. The yield for such distillations is typically between 1-2%, it takes kilograms of oud wood for millilitres of oud oil. This is why oud oil is impeccably rare and not suited for mass produced designer perfumes. 

When you’re looking for fine cigars, whiskey, art or vintage cars, you go to a specialist in this area, not a generic brand attempting to cover all.

This is why for oud perfumes and oil, we advise buying from artisans specialising in fine fragrance and oud.

Many traditional oud brands place their mass produced products in front of new and regular customers, with the best products locked in vaults for their existing customers spending small fortunes. 

At The Attar Store we connect you with oud from best distillers and collectors all across the world, connecting you with scents made for Royalty and the most legendary of our collector clients, we believe in equal access to the best fragrance money can buy.

What is oud wood?

Oudh is the resinous material from the agarwood tree, produced after it has been infected for several years or even decades. It is the rarest perfume oil on the planet, having been treasured for millennia as a prized and precious scent. 

Oudh is one of the most expensive substances known to man and has been revered for thousands of years in various cultures and different religions.

The most expensive wood is found in wild trees untouched for decades or even centuries in rare cases, followed by organic trees grown by man but not interfered with, and lastly by cultivated trees grown on large plantations and injected with chemicals in order to produce the resinous oudh faster.

Oudh Wood is the true original form of Oudh long before oils & perfumes, it is traditionally burned on a coal or electric heater in order to release its precious and luxurious aroma that has been treasured for millennia. Each culture has its own way of using Oudh, whether it be burning chunks of raw wood, incense sticks or chips through the kodo style.

What is ambergris?

Ambergris is an especially rare and unique rock-like perfumery ingredient. 

Composed of squid beaks and other matter, it is thought to take years to form before being expelled and slowly ageing as it spends decades, even centuries in the vast openness of the earth's oceans.

The best ambergris is usually white, at least in terms of rarity, demand and price.

Thereafter follows brown (a lesser aged version) and finally black (the rawest and freshest version).

The best is very subjective and dependent upon the needs and vision of the perfumer. For a more animalic and funky scent, the perfumer may opt for brown or black ambergris, so as to bring the scent through in the final perfume.

White is often used both for its unique scent as well as its fixative properties - that is making a scent last longer on the skin.

The scent of white can be described as oceanic, sweet and slightly animal, of course varying batch to batch.

What is sandalwood?

Sandalwood grows throughout the world and is derived from trees from the Santalum genus.

Sandalwood oil has traditionally been sourced from India for millennia from the Santalum Album species. Today sandalwood is sourced from all throughout the world, from Hawaii to Tonga to India and Sri Lanka and even Indonesia. 

Sandalwood in the raw timber form, is used for the manufacture of incense sticks, carvings and even furniture. While the highest quality batches are used for fumigation like oud wood on a coal burner.

Sandalwood oil is unparalleled throughout the Eastern perfumery tradition. It has been used for numerous different purposes such as a carrier oil for other ingredients and even in the traditional Indian Attar industry. 

It has also been used to macerate ambergris and other rare ingredients, as well as in candles & your favourite Western designer and niche spray perfumes!

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