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Vintage Tarakan Oud Wood

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Venture into the rarefied realm of authentic oud with our Vintage Tarakan Oud Wood. This exceptional batch hails from the verdant landscapes of Tarakan, known among aficionados for producing some of the world's most sought-after oud.

Our current selection is a true gem—a representation of oud in its purest form. Like a treasure trove, this wood boasts an oiliness unparalleled in our collection. When subjected to high heat, it almost seems as if the wood itself weeps, releasing its sumptuous oil in a tantalizing display of nature's opulence.

The aroma is a magnificent tapestry of sensations: warm spices reminiscent of far-off eastern bazaars, grounding earthy undertones that speak of ancient forests, and that iconic Tarakan signature—an embodiment of the finest Indonesian ouds that have enraptured the senses of enthusiasts in recent times.

In crafting this batch, we took inspiration from the prestigious Taiwanese market, renowned for its emphasis on premium quality and sinking beads. To possess such sinking Tarakan wood is to hold a piece of history, an ever-decreasing treasure in the world of oud.

Given its rarity and exquisite character, this batch is limited in quantity. A timeless artifact like this doesn't grace us often, so seize the opportunity to own a piece of olfactory artistry that's as evocative as it is ephemeral.

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