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Vintage Sinking Merauke Oud Wood

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Merauke oud, hailing from the depths of Indonesia, has always been a standout. This vintage sinking grade batch is no exception. Each piece, dense and filled with rich resin, speaks to its pure quality. The aroma is a journey in itself: deep earthy notes, a touch of smokiness, and a subtle sweetness that lingers.

While Merauke is celebrated globally, it's worth noting that among Arabs, it's one of the most sought-after oud regions. Its reputation is built on consistent quality and a unique scent profile that resonates deeply.

Beyond its sensory appeal, the true gravitas of this vintage Merauke sinking grade lies in its intrinsic value. In an age where authenticity is increasingly elusive, this oud stands as a beacon of genuine rarity and unmatched quality. It is not just a purchase; it is an acquisition of heritage, a piece that promises to appreciate both in value and in esteem.

For anyone looking to experience a genuine piece of oud artistry, this Merauke sinking grade is a prized find. It's not just about the scent; it's about the heritage, tradition, and the story each piece carries.

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