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Vintage 1999 Artisanal Tongan Sandalwood Oil

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Vintage Tongan Sandalwood Oil

Kingdom of Tonga,1999

Aroma: Light dusty, woody and butter like scent

Widely used in perfumery and cosmetics, sandalwood goes a long way back in history. Predominantly cherished for its oil and incense qualities, it gives off a fine creamy, buttery and woody aroma that varies from one sandalwood to another.

It has had a second to none role in both western and eastern perfumery, a simply irreplaceable natural essential oil that is paramount to both traditions. The most famous sandalwood is without doubt Indian sandalwood, used and exported for centuries, with others taking their places thereafter.

Tongan sandalwood doesn't receive much mention, nor does much of the Pacific islands' sandalwood. Its been grown there for centuries, and used by the locals in their ceremonies and other aspects of their lives.

Sandalwood has a prominent role in our eastern and arabian perfumery traditions as well as incense traditions of the east. Now we are delighted to bring you our first vintage sandalwood oil with over 20 years of aging - we.simply cannot wait to begin blending with it!


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