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Terengganu Ant Nest Oud Wood

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Dive deep into the enchanting forests of Terengganu, Malaysia, with our meticulously sourced Malaysian Oud Wood. Renowned for its distinctive character, this rare oud offers a symphonic blend of sweet berry-like nuances seamlessly interwoven with spicy undertones. Each whiff transports you to the serene Malaysian rainforests, evoking the magic of nature and the deep mystique of ancient trees.

The creamy resinous heart of this oud captures the imagination, telling tales of age-old trees and the rich history of Terengganu. Its sweet berry facets dance delightfully on your senses, like sun-kissed forest fruits, while the layered spices envelop you in a warm, comforting embrace. A truly luxurious scent profile that speaks volumes of its origin, offering a unique olfactive experience for the discerning aficionado.

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